To change a look of your home décor, first thing comes in mind is about interior décor by changing of curtains, blinds and window screens. Now the market is flourishing with various beautiful options to enhance the décor of your home.
While planning the interior designing of home one needs to consider many things. Now in the market, we have zebra blinds and roller window screens which have given the much vast option to the interior designing industry. Earlier blinds or screen use to be considered for office purpose mostly. As the industry is revolving and the home interior has started taking the blinds and screens for home styling too.


Window blinds instantly change the whole look of your home. There are various interesting reasons to go for zebra blinds in India and roller window screens.
The Roman Blinds represents the history of Roman culture and lifestyle. They had lot of dust pollution, so they used blinds to provide dust from entering, inside but it has more to it. Soon the Blinds became the eye candy of homes and buildings and of course, the trend caught on, became internationally favourite. Started been called as roller blinds, honeycomb blinds, fabric blinds, bamboo stick, PVC blinds, wooden Venetian blinds.
Blinds give the extra inner layer to keep the home cool, and the style to it you can plan coordinated look with your furnishings like Printed curtains and plain blinds.
Blinds can be selected from various options from Zebra blinds in India providing to enhance the style of your home.

Spectra bllinds

Blinds keep the bugs out, so perfect as mosquito net. They are available now in various style options like slid, roller, open door and many more. It not only adds to the interior look of your home, but also to the mosquito and bugs control.
Mosquito net which is giving style to your home décor

Blinds and screen protect your privacy along with adding beauty to your place.
Spectra bllinds

Aluminium sliding windows

If you are facing lack of space, pesticide or termite issues than the aluminium sliding windows are very handy and cost-effective solutions. The aluminium sliding windows has no directed path followed as they can be easily slid horizontally as the user wishes while opening thus making the space usage to zero. And these sliding windows are provisioned to attach mosquito mesh as well.

Spectra bllinds

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