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Mosquito Net/Mesh for windows in Hyderabad

Spectra Services, an ISO 9001:2008 certified blinds and mosquito net systems manufacturing business, was established in 1996, was headquartered in Hyderabad, and has since expanded to dealers, channel partners, and distributors across multiple locations across the country. Our company Mosquito Net Manufacturers in Hyderabad, has a broad range of products.

Spectra Blinds Services is recognized as one of the leading businesses in India that helped establish a new trend by producing superior interior mosquito net screening systems and blinds for Mosquito Net for doors and mosquito net for windows. Our cutting-edge construction makes it easier to keep flying pests like flies and mosquitoes out while allowing adequate fresh air circulation. Our goods are ready to assemble in kits, including mosquito nets, parts/accessories, aluminium profiles, and other screening materials. They are made using top-notch materials and are flexible and simple to install. You may eliminate mosquitoes with our mosquito net/mesh for windows manufacturers in Hyderabad.

By keeping our customers’ aesthetics, lifestyle, and functional needs in mind, our Systems act as an effective filter against dust, pollen, and other pollutants. A wide range of custom-made products is available for all types of Doors, Windows, UPVC, Wood, and Aluminum.

Spectra Blinds (Mosquito net manufacturers in Hyderabad), with years of experience producing mosquito net screens, manufactures a vast range of Insect screening solutions to choose the best product. We offer several types of nets for all models and many choices, including Fiberglass Mosquito mesh doors, pleated mesh doors, Aluminium nets, Stainless Steel 304-grade Black color Nets, Pet Resistant nets, and mosquito-proofing nets. These can be installed on UPVC, Aluminium, and wooden frames. Our mosquito net for windows & doors manufacturers in Hyderabad keeps you safe from mosquitoes.

We offer a wide selection of mosquito screening systems, including roller mosquito nets, retractable door screens, pleated mosquito screens, plisse screens, barrier-free, elegant openable frames, zippered retractable nets, chain operated roller insect screens, fly doors that open, sliding mosquito nets, UPVC sliding nets, security mosquito nets, wooden venetian blinds, roller blinds, zebra blinds, honeycomb blinds, triple shades PVC exterior blinds. Sliding wardrobes, sliding windows and doors, timber floors and motorised curtain tracks. One of the top manufacturers of mosquito nets in Hyderabad is us.

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    Protection against Mosquitoes with Mosquito Nets for Windows

    It’s a big-time issue as insects peep through windows and slowly invade the house. Mosquitoes, lizards, spiders and other insects are dangerous to human health and lead to serious illness. In such scenarios, protecting the home from mosquito nets is essential.

    Hyderabad’s spectra blinds net systems are pioneers in manufacturing high-quality interior mosquito nets for doors and windows. The intelligent design of spectra-blinds mosquito nets keeps away mosquitoes and flies but permits fresh air indoors. Spectra blinds mosquito nets are mandatory for all homes as they act as a protective barrier against all insects, pests and dust entering the house. Hence, planning for installing mosquito nets in homes is a smart way to get rid of diseases from mosquitoes.



    Spectra offers a large range of mosquito netting systems for doors & windows such as roller mosquito meshes, pleated mosquito nets, sleek insect screens, sliding insect nets…

    Window Blinds


    A window furnishing is a vital part of interior design we Spectra Blinds Manufacturer offer a wide range of Window Blinds, Wood Venetian Blinds, Roller Blinds…



    Aluminium is used in varied applications from Areospace, Automobiles, marine, industrial and domestic applications. Spectra Manufactures of high quality Aluminium…

    Our Services

    Pleated Screens Motorized

    Pleated motorized screen Solution for protection against insects  easy to operate the ac motorized solutions are ideal for doors and large openings with smooth lift capability.

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    Pleated Barrier Free System

    Pleated net is made of 100% polyester waterproof and offer complete protection and long lasting. Opening and closing is easy even for kids and elderly persons.

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    Fly Screen Doors

    Our Screen Doors are both Robust and Aesthetically pleasing. They offer Durable, Effective Protection against Insects. They come in the single door, double door and Bi-fold door varieties.

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    Security Screen Doors

    Designed to meet your requirements & easily fixed to your existing doors & windows available in a wide variety of models including Bi-folds, Hinged, Double Doors, Stacking.

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    zipper roller screens hyderabad

    Zip Roller Insect Screening System is designed with the highest standard to hold the screens into the side track profiles & make it possible to seal against mosquitoes and insects with unique mesh retention system.

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    Sliding Door Wardrobes

    A Wardrobe is a standing closet used for stored clothes from these cupboards and lockers. The modern wardrobe with its hanging spaces sliding shelves and drawers evolved slowly.

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    Sliding Door and Windows

    Sliding Doors provides a visual presentation that your friends and family will appreciate about the beauty. The offered windows are widely used in both, residential and commercial buildings.

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    Wooden Venetian Blinds

    Wood Venetian blind shades are designed to bring the natural beauty of wood into your home or your office with Motorized and Manual Operation. They blend perfectly with any design and style.

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    Benefits of using mosquito nets

    For those facing mosquito trouble at home should definitely choose to use mosquito nets. A mosquito net is budget-friendly, safe, and protects family members from mosquitoes. Let us glimpse through a few benefits of using mosquito nets.

    Safeguards from Bugs and Insects

    A mosquito net shields your family from bugs and insects. With a mosquito net installed on home doors and windows, individuals are assured of peaceful sleep and less risk of diseases from mosquitoes.

    Avoids Fatal Diseases

    The famous verse prevention is better than cure is always right. The dangerous diseases spread by mosquitoes, such as Zika, yellow fever, dengue and malaria, can be avoided by installing mosquito nets.

    Enhances Sleep Quality

    Enjoying sound sleep at night becomes a dream with bugs and mosquitoes; hence a quality mosquito net enhances sleep quality by keeping away insects and permitting fresh air for sound sleep. Sleepless nights also trigger various health issues.

    With such exceptional health benefits, opting for mosquito nets for homes is significant for a safe life.

    Why choose Spectra blinds

    For those hunting for excellent window solutions, Spectra blinds mosquito nets bring style and elegance to a safe environment. Spectra offer a variety of models and patterns of mosquito nets suitable for modern homes. The vast experience and adaptation to manufacturing the latest mosquito nets make Spectra blinds the best in the city. Tremendous quality mosquito nets with intelligent working are the highlight that attracts customers to spectra blinds. Collaborate with spectra blinds to make your home a safe and disease-free place.

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    1. How do I choose the right mosquito net for my house?

    The Pro tip While choosing the right mosquito net for your house. The mesh size should be 1.2mm X 1.2mm so air can flow freely but not so small that mosquitoes can get in. It is recommended that the mesh size be 120-200 holes per square inch for adequate malaria protection.

    How do I find a professional who offers mosquito nets for windows?

    An online search is vital to retrieve complete details about the locality of mosquito net providers. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified mosquito net systems and blinds manufacturer, Spectra Services started in Hyderabad in 1996 and has multiple locations worldwide with channel partners, dealers, and distributors. country. Spectra Services is a Professional Mosquito Net Manufacturers in Hyderabad offers a wide range of products.

    What is the estimated installation time for mosquito mesh on windows?

    The estimated time for installing mosquito mesh varies based on the number of doors and windows. A professional team of technicians at Spectra Blends works in a timely manner and ensures customers are satisfied

    What is the process for booking a mosquito net installation?

    Get in touch with the mosquito net providers by calling them or filling out their enquiry form.

    Why should I choose Spectra Blinds for a mosquito net installation?

    For quality, reliability and effective results, spectra blinds mosquito nets are the best choice.

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