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Honey Comb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds

In this new generation, people prefer to live luxurious and stylish life and hence honeycomb blinds are no exception in this era. With its unique designs, honeycomb shades are known for distinctive look and energy efficiency property. Honeycomb blinds lock air between window and room, thus providing relief from the excessive heat in summer and restricting heat loss during winters.

Honeycomb single cell fabric blind with a hexagonal cell in one layer is specially designed to create air pockets with insulating properties. The white backing of honeycomb blinds provides a uniform appearance to the outside.



  • Pull cord facility is provided in honeycomb blinds which facilitates easy rising and lowering of shades for controlling light and keeping privacy.
  • Honeycomb blinds are available in 6 shades light filtering with sun block features.
  • The width of honeycomb blinds’ fabric is 45mm with standard backing for all shades.
  • No cord holes are visible in honeycomb window blinds.
  • Unique pleats provide both fashion and energy efficiency.


  • Soft yet long lasting, stylish yet efficient. Honeycomb blinds are trendiest among all window coverings.
  • Along with graceful look, honeycomb blinds save buyers’ money.
  • Top down and bottom up facilities for maintaining privacy and managing light.
  • Minimizes energy cost in the home.
  • Both light filtering and light blocking capabilities.

If you want to give a lavish touch to your room, you should look for right window treatments. And yes, honey comb blinds can be a perfect match.

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