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Curtain Tracks Motorized

Curtain Tracks Motorized

No more cables now! Control entry of sun rays and maintain privacy in your home with few clicks. Motorized curtains connect your home with innovation. So don’t pull heavy or hard to reach curtains now, it will be done by automatic curtains. Get rid of cables or cords hanging around. Just sit and let the motorized curtain track do its job. Enjoy a perfect home every time and feel the elegance which will be added in the room. This automatic curtain system will definitely receive applause from your friends and family members, and yes it deserves the same.

We are manufacturers of automatic window curtains, motorised curtains and blinds ceiling curtain track.

We are also providing mosquito nets, Sliding door for windows, Insect Screens etc.

Features of Motorized Curtains

  • The sheer curtains track offers the flexibility to accommodate both straight and bay windows.
  • Heavy curtains are driven by AC power which is controlled by wireless system
  • Manual/motorized with remote operation
  • High quality raw material
  • Smooth gliders for trouble free operation
  • Good bearing capacity.
  • Powder coating to match the interiors.

Benefits of Motorized Curtains

  • No need to rush for closing curtains, as these programmed motorized curtains will do it automatically when you turn on room light.
  • Will save your electricity bill, by allowing natural light in home
  • Automatic curtains are easy to operate.
  • Increases convenience

Choose automatic curtain system for your home and feel the difference! And curtain motor will not only take care of your privacy and comfort but will also decorate your home to make it a perfect place to live.

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