Mosquito Net for Doors

In Indian homes, mosquito net doors have long been a standard feature. At the exact moment, as they assist in maintaining the home’s cleanliness, they are put in place to keep tiny insects and mosquitoes out of the building.

The mosquito net doors come in different series in order to offer customized door screens for varied requirements. They come in the single door, double door and Bi-fold door variety and are suitable for balconies, kitchens, and main doors.

These types of Mosquito Net Doors are also known by the names-magnetic screen door, mosquito net for doors or mosquito door screens and they look like an invisible mosquito net.

We have three series of  Mosquito Net Doors depending on the costumer’s requirements. Our mosquito net doors are both robust and aesthetically pleasing. They offer durable, effective protection against insects and flies. The Mosquito Net doors frames have mitered corners with a strong kick plate to prevent damage while using with support central mid-bars in the hinged version. Strong magnetic catches and handles on both sides to operate fits on the flat face of the surrounding frame.

Mosquito Nets can be replaced many times without the need for a new framework. They can be cleaned as and when required.  You can enjoy the fresh air coming into your home and rest assured.

Options: Single door, Double door & Bi-fold door. Suitable for Balconies, Kitchen & Main doors.

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    • The mosquito nets are robust to use and good to look at
    • The screen material for these magnetic mosquito net can be stainless steel or fiberglass and comes in two colours grey and charcoal black
    • The double screen doors are specially designed to prevent damage
    • These type of mosquito nets are used for doors and windows and operate on the magnetic principle



    33.0MM X 14.0MM
    33.0MM X 14.0MM
    75.0MM X 0.7MM


    35.0MM X 18.0MM
    35.0MM X 18.0MM
    75.0MM X 0.7MM


    45.0MM X 18.0MM
    45.0MM X 18.0MM
    75.0MM X 0.7MM


    • Aluminium extruded from first melting, 6063 alloy
    • Powder Coatings: Pure polyester White, Brown & Golden Brown
    • Plastics components: nylon 6
    • Screen Material: Stainless steel 304 grade Colour: Black PVC Coated
    • Screen Material: Aluminium Colour: Bright Quote & Black
    • Screen Material: Fiberglass colour: Grey & Charcoal Black
    • Made to measure


    • This kind of mosquito net window or door frames form a protective screen against the insects and dust when your residence or office area is in a crowded area or even when your building is surrounded by different trees and plants or shrubs.
    • It is very powerful as a mosquito net for sliding windows.
    • Protect yourself by using these mosquito screening solutions for windows, doors, French doors or large openings with the help of pleated window Mosquito Nets solution for windows and doors.
    • They stop at any required location point and the screen can be stored away in the protective housing when not in use, which keeps the mosquito mesh for windows clean, invisible and safe from potential damages.

    Construction-wise the mosquito net for windows and doors is a net with a frame. It is sometimes referred to as rolling or sliding mosquito net for windows or just as a mosquito net roller.It does not have any spring mechanism.

    These nets for windows are innovative as well as decorative. A mosquito net for doors and windows has become a necessity in today’s times. Roller Blinds also very necessity for your home.

    We are one of the best mosquito net manufacturers in India

    About Us

    We offer high-quality mosquito nets to protect your houses from mosquitoes. We produce our goods with your convenience in mind. Because of this, our products are simple to set up, use and maintain. Our skilled specialists continuously strive to incorporate the newest innovations into our products and provide a wide range of choices. We have been the right choice for quality Mosquito Net For Doors/Windows for more than 25 Years.

    Why Choose Us

    Due to our commitment to offering the most satisfactory service possible, we have more than 25 years of expertise. Thus, it is always a great choice to explore installing superior mosquito nets on your windows/Doors. The following advantages are why you should select our product.

    Finest Quality Products: The net door’s reliability will depend on the net’s quality. We care to provide a high-quality mosquito door so that you may use it for a more extended period. We offer a wide scope of a substitute.

    • Perfect Installation: Our skilled installation staff comes to clients’ homes and quickly installs the Mess service. We alter the nets to fit the size of the clients’ windows and doors. We want you to experience brightness and breezes in the home without being bitten by mosquitoes.
    • Easy Care & Cleaning: They are also simple to clean and maintain because they are dustproof. It is preferable to use a gentle soap that will clean without leaving any residue to clean the nets rather than dangerous chemicals.
    • Lots Of Experience: We’re here to help you live a tranquil and bug-free existence with a lot of experience in our work.
    • Timeless & Elegant Design: We provide a gorgeous look to your door/windows that add value to the interior of your house to maintain aesthetics and improve the appearance of your space in less time.
    • Wide Choice & Protection: They enable prevention against mosquito bites and perhaps other insect bites as well as barriers to keep off crawling bugs and other insects. Although mosquito nets have many advantages, they can quickly grow soiled and lose effectiveness over time.
    • Eco-Friendly & Durable: We provide durable net doors of high quality. To operate a mosquito door for a more extended period, be sure to get one of superior quality. Select a mosquito net door that is the right thickness, offers adequate ventilation, and is eco-friendly.
    • Good Value For Money: We provide a variety of affordable mosquito nets of different varieties.


    Which material is best for mosquito nets?

    The meshes we provide are varied and are made of superior materials, waterproof, long-lasting, and won't damage your doors or windows. They are also simple to apply and have a long lifespan.

    How long does mosquito netting last?

    We do provide a seven-year long-lasting net on all products of Nets.

    Are mosquito nets a fire hazard?

    No, mosquito nets are not a fire hazard. Because they're made of Aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

    Which is the best Mosquito net for doors/windows?

    Spectra Blinds is one of India's foremost companies that had set an early trend with its manufacturing of high-quality interior Mosquito Screening Systems and Blinds for Windows and Doors.

    How to contact Spectra Blinds?

    Here's how you can contact us. Phone Number: (040 2308 5566) (+91 98480 98863) Email: Adress: Plot No. 6/3, C.I.E, Jagadgirigutta Rd, Gandhi Nagar Industrial Area, Balanagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500037.

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