Pleated Barrier Free System

This innovative product for French and large opening doors offers smooth functioning easy to operate without any hassle or retracting force  and closed tightly with magnetic locking top and bottom scorpion tails retract into the side bar while the screen is open and stretched in open position  to support the mesh at the bottom

No return spring is included, thus opening/closing is easy even for kids and elderly persons

Pleated net is made of 100% polyester waterproof and offer complete protection and long lasting

It allow to cover wide openings as it can be used as 1/leaf 2/ leafs screen by joining leafs consecutively thus covering up to 7.8 mts width with double retracting systems

Lower track is of ABS Plastic and thickness about 5 mm thus facilitating the smooth passage for everyday use and also wheelchair accessible and makes the cleaning easy

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    • Mesh Colour: black and grey color
    • Mesh size:20 mm
    • Screen can be replaced in case of damaged without replacing the entire system.
    • The special plastic clips allow users to remove the screen from the casing for cleaning or storage in the winter season.

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