Euroscreens Fiber Glass Insect Screens – Mosquito Net for Windows

We import Fibreglass Mosquito nets euro from leading suppliers. The quality of products which had matched international standards and passed the Environmental protection test by Europe. Fiberglass mosquito nets screens (18x 16) widely used for mosquito protection can be used in different systems.

These mosquito net for windows are flexible window screens which come in a variety of types. This mosquito mesh for windows is imported mosquito nets from leading suppliers. We ensure international standards along with a passing certificate from environmental protection tests in Europe before employing for use.

They can be made up of fiberglass, stainless steel or polyester yarn (pet mosquito nets euro). They also go by the name mosquito window mesh.Now, let us see the mosquito net euro features:

Features of Fiberglass Mosquito Nets

  • These mosquito window nets are imported mosquito nets manufactured by high-quality wires with uniform weaving at every intersection
  • The mosquito screens are washable, fire resistant and with good positioning property

Benefits of Fiberglass Mosquito Nets

  • As these nets for windows are stiff, they have good dimensional stability, thus, they look neat and tidy
  • These window nets are shrinking and deform resistant
  • The window mesh demonstrates good impact resistance and is not easily torn

Fiberglass Mosquito Nets Specifications

  • Good dimensional stability
  • Good Stiffness,
  • No shrink and deformation,
  • Good positioning property.
  • Good impact resistance and not easy to be torn.
  • Fire-resistant,
  • Washable
  • Standard colour: Charcoal Black, Grey
  • Standard width; 3 4, 5.6.7 feet
  • Composition: 32% fiberglass 68% PVC
  • Yarn DIA; 0.28 mm
  • Mesh count: 18×16
  • Weight per Sq. m.: 120gms

Stainless Steel Mosquito Nets – Hyderabad Mosquito Net for Windows Manufacturers

Imported Stainless steel Mosquito nets manufactured by high-quality 304-grade wire with uniform weaving at every intersection, this creates a strong and rigid mesh.

The high-quality PVC coating on the Mosquito screens for more durability to withstand high levels of corrosion resistance. Stainless steel mesh is used for protection from flies and mosquitoes can be fixed in aluminium and wooden frames.

Features of Stainless Steel Mosquito Nets

  • Such mosquito net window frame uses a stainless-steel mesh which can be fitted into aluminium and wooden frames
  • The stainless-steel screens for windows carry a high-quality PVC coating for extended durability, strength and corrosion resistance

Benefits of Stainless Steel Mosquito Nets

  • The window mesh shows good dimensional stability, thus look tidy and pleasant
  • The window nets are fire resistant without any shrink or deformation
  • They demonstrate good impact resistance and mosquito net for windows are best
  • They can be used as mosquito nets for windows and doors

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