Pleated Net Doors – Best Mosquito Net for Doors

Pleated Mosquito Net Doors


Pleated Net Doors

Pleated Net Doors are retractable screen doors to protect the indoors from insects, dust, and pollution.These sliding screen doors are simple and flexible to use and easy to store.Also, such folding screen doors look pleasant and aid the freshness in the room.You can use them as innovative screening solution for windows, doors, French doors or large openings as retractable insect screens.

We provide innovative mosquito screening solution for windows, door screen, French doors or large openings with pleated screens solution. Pleated screens are decorative yet clearly visible and can be operated effortlessly by children and elderlies without any sophisticated technique.  No retracting force is required to open or close the screens. Stops at any required location and the screen can be stored the way in the protective housing when not in use that keeps the mesh clean, invisible and safe from potential damages.


  • Absolutely effortless to use, these retractable door screens does not require any retracting force to open or close
  • The retractable blinds stop at any required location
  • One of the best retractable screen doors in the market, these screen doors can be stored away in protective housing when not in use
  • They can be used as retractable screen door for French doors or garage doors, insect nets for doors, mosquito net for sliding door, mosquito net for doors
  • These sliding screen doors do not employ any spring mechanism


  • Pleated screens are decorative door insect screens. They bestow a clear and transparent visibility
  • Sliding fly screen door can be operated effortlessly by children and elderlies without any sophisticated technique
  • keeps the mesh clean, invisible and safe from potential damages
  • You can use them as screens for front doors as well as retractable patio screen door

Construction-wise, they consist of an Aluminium (6063 alloys) powder coated frame in different colors. The screen material used is PP+PE Mesh. Available in gray and charcoal black colors.

Easy to use and simple to store, these retractable screen doors are full of convenience and safety. They are effective against tiny insects like mosquitoes and at the same time grant a hassle-free use and storage.

Be Safe from mosquito diseases with our mosquito nets


HOUSING PROFILE                           29 MM X 25MM.

SLIDING PROFILE                              43.0 MM X26MM

BOTTOM TRACK PROFILE              29.0 MM X 25 MM

LOCKING PROFILE                            29MM X 25 MM

DIMENSIONS L PROFILE                19.0 MM X 12.0MM

Pleated Net doors Specifications

  • Aluminium extruded from first melting, 6063 alloy
  • Powder Coatings: Pure polyester White, Brown & Golden Brown
  • Plastics components: nylon 6
  • Screen Material: PP+PE Mesh
  • Screen Colour: Gray & Charcoal Black
  • Made to measure
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