Sliding Door Wardrobes

A wardrobe, a private space where we arrange our garments, cosmetics, shoes, and other belongings, is a significant component of our home. There are several closet door designs on the market. Sliding Door wardrobes  are among the most elegant and efficient forms of these. A sliding closet gives your bedroom a modern, streamlined look. For seamless operation, a sliding wardrobe door features rollers on both sides. Sliding door wardrobes offer better stability and also be bigger and roomier since they don’t rely on hinges to support the doors.

A cupboard with sliding doors and mirrors may give the impression of a larger bedroom. The biggest benefit is that, because the door moves sideways, they don’t need much space in front of them. As a result, it makes a great option for cramped, smaller rooms in modern homes. But today, there are many inventive ways to make the most of any space, like sliding closets. Additionally, you may take advantage of this area by having a sliding wardrobe design specifically made for sloping ceilings. Always keep in mind that sliding doors are most pleasant when there are at least three or more doors when picking a sliding wardrobe.

Never stop your shopping, just because you don’t have enough space to store. Maximize your storing space with sliding door wardrobes. These bedroom wardrobes are the best option, where space is a concern. These sliding closet doors for bedrooms cater ample storage space inside while covering the least space outside. These wardrobes are extensively suitable in hotels, homes, villas and other residential places, for keeping valuable things safe. Sliding door wardrobes add beauty to the decor of the interior and occupy less space.

The sliding door wardrobe has made its place in the wardrobe industry. It has multiple functionalities that were lacking in conventional wardrobes. We Spectra Blinds Manufacture and design beautiful and flexible wardrobe doors.

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    Sliding Wardrobes Specifications

    • High Storage Capacity
    • Flawless Finish with Superior Strength
    • Unmatched Design
    • Compact Structure
    • High Strength
    • Attractive Design and Highly Spacious
    • Powder Coated Colour/Anodized

    Benefits Of Sliding Wardrobes

    • Slide wardrobes come in various designs and these can be customized as per buyers’ specifications.
    • Sliding door wardrobes can be made according to homeowner’s available room space.
    • These wardrobes can also be used in an office for keeping files along with giving a glimpse of style.
    • Sliding wardrobes render ease of access and there is no need to open or close multiple doors as in hinged wardrobes.
    • Unlike traditional wardrobes, these sliding wardrobes never stick out when open, thus saving a lot of space.

    So, if you are thinking of buying a wardrobe, don’t go with a traditional one. Add a glance of lavishness in your home with sliding door wardrobes.You can also buy mirror sliding door wardrobes for more ease.

    About Us

    Spectra manufactures and offers many styles of lovely, adaptable wardrobe doors. Everyone aspires to have a fashionable, large wardrobe. Anything that complements your home’s sleek and stylish design. When installing a new wardrobe, you must pay close attention to the more minor aspects that distinguish function from aesthetics. Sliding doors are versatile in their appearance and the accessories they may accommodate for wardrobes. You can add edge sliding wardrobe doors if you don’t have enough space for central sliders. Choosing the ideal wardrobe may be challenging, especially when choosing closets with sliding doors continues to provide benefits.

    Why Us?

    High storage capacity sliding door designs are available from Spectra. Concise structure, high durability, stylish design, and extremely spacious and powder coated colour/anodized with a smooth finish, superior strength, and unparalleled design. The choice of door panel surface materials and wardrobe accessories from Spectra is extensive and includes materials like fabric, wooden, glass, and virtual 3d print wallpapers. So, you may select your best from among them for your sliding wardrobe.

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    Is it possible to install a sliding almirah on my existing wardrobe?

    Absolutely. You can always modernize and renovate your closet by just changing the doors with sliding doors.

    What are the advantages of a sliding door wardrobe over a standard door wardrobe?

    A more modern alternative for storage, sliding door wardrobes are an excellent choice since they fit in many different styles of rooms compared to a standard wardrobe. Their main benefit is that because their doors swing sideways, they don't need much room in front of them. These wardrobes function best in small areas and more stylish houses.

    Do Spectra Blinds have sliding door wardrobes?

    Yes, Spectra Blinds have a wide range of sliding door wardrobes with unique styles.

    When it comes to sliding door wardrobes, what is the best material to use?

    If you want to use a wardrobe, you may choose from solid wood, veneer, transparent glass, laminate, particleboard, and plywood. The ability to have lamination, membrane and many other materials finish applied to it makes it the most fashionable core material.

    How should I choose a sliding wardrobe style?

    The bedroom's design, as well as the entire quantity of space. Wardrobe designs include those with mirrors, 2 or 3 sliding doors, and the appropriate amount of area, etc.

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