Sliding Door Wardrobes

Never stop your shopping, just because you don’t have enough space to store. Maximize your storing space with sliding door wardrobes. These bedroom wardrobes are the best option, where space is a concern. These sliding closet doors for bedrooms cater ample storage space inside while covering the least space outside. These wardrobes are extensively suitable in hotels, homes, villas and other residential places, for keeping valuable things safe. Sliding door wardrobes add beauty to the decor of the interior and occupy less space.

The sliding door wardrobe has made its place in the wardrobe industry. It has multiple functionalities that were lacking in conventional wardrobes. We Manufacture and design beautiful and flexible wardrobe doors.

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Sliding Wardrobes Specifications

  • High Storage Capacity
  • Flawless Finish with Superior Strength
  • Unmatched Design
  • Compact Structure
  • High Strength
  • Attractive Design and Highly Spacious
  • Powder Coated Colour/Anodized

Benefits Of Sliding Wardrobes

  • Slide wardrobes come in various designs and these can be customized as per buyers’ specifications.
  • Sliding door wardrobes can be made according to homeowner’s available room space.
  • These wardrobes can also be used in an office for keeping files along with giving a glimpse of style.
  • Sliding wardrobes render ease of access and there is no need to open or close multiple doors as in hinged wardrobes.
  • Unlike traditional wardrobes, these sliding wardrobes never stick out when open, thus saving a lot of space.

So, if you are thinking of buying a wardrobe, don’t go with a traditional one. Add a glance of lavishness in your home with sliding door wardrobes.You can also buy mirror sliding door wardrobes for more ease.

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