Sleek Mosquito Frames

Sleek Mosquito Frames

Sleek Mosquito Frames

Slimline Aluminum sleek mosquito frames fits on the surface of the existing window frame can be hinged or held in place by turn buttons with mid bar, which are screwed to the window frame and rotate into position across the face of the screen frame.

Each frame requires two hinges to fix

Hinge assembly consists of two parts, held together with a central pin, which allows for quick removal.

The hinges are attached to one side of the screen frame, and one part is fixed to the mosquito net for windows.

To hold the screen upright turn buttons are fixed to a particular window frame such as mosquito mesh for windows on the opposite side to hold the screen in the closed position.

This fixing enables the screen to be opened in the same way as a window allowing the screen to be partially open/close. The mosquito nets for windows frame can also be easily removed if required simply by lifting it off the hinges for cleaning or you may simply prefer to store the screen when not in use. You can check mosquito net for windows online.

Sleek Mosquito Frames Specifications

  • Aluminum extruded from first melting, 6063 alloy
  • Powder Coatings colour: Pure polyester White, Brown & Golden Brown
  • Plastics components: Engineering Plastics
  • Screen Material Stainless steel Mosquito Net 304 grade Colour: Black PVC Coated
  • Screen Material Aluminium Colour: Brite Kote & Black
  • Screen Material Fiberglass colour: Gray & Charcoal Black
  • Made to measure

Aluminum profiles SS021 SERIES

SLEEK PROFILE            : 21.0MM X 9.0MM

Dimensions MIDBARS  : 21.0MM X 9.0MM

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