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Install PVC roller blinds to the outside of the window for blocking direct sunlight in your rooms. This reduces the cost of air conditioning, as these PVC outdoor blinds keep your room cool. Outdoor PVC blinds cater to privacy and also permit entry of natural light in the rooms. PVC window blinds are highly durable even in extremely hot situations. These blinds minimize glare and allow ambient light in the house. PVC Venetian blinds protect your doors, furniture, and windows from direct sun rays and also protect the inner porch from rainfall.

PVC roller blinds are specifically designed in man styles and patterns to complement any room decor while providing extraordinary durability.

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    • Plastic blinds are moisture and heat resistant and won’t fade.
    • These blinds can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth.
    • Blinds comprise of matching taps for edges for avoiding any breaking because of friction with other blinds.


    • Easy to mount.
    • Good quality blinds safeguard your valuable furniture.
    • They help in controlling levels of light at home
    • Plastic blinds lock heat from the sun and act as a heater during winters. In summer, partial openings of blinds will allow the cool breeze and will save the cost of air conditioning.
    • The beautiful look of these PVC roller blinds gives an appealing touch to your home.

    The reason behind switching to PVC outdoor blinds is its efficiency and durability in a pocket-friendly price. Their designs and features never let them tangle up and they remain undamaged if they left unattended.

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