Best Window Blinds Manufacturer in Hyderabad

Features of Window Blinds

Window blinds are mainly designed to protect homes from mosquitos by hindering their entry for a healthy life. One prominent feature of window blinds designed by Spectra is their tendency to supply fresh air inside the home. These window blinds can be customized according to the door and window size made from different materials to match your requirements. Another striking feature is these nets keep you and your family thoroughly safe from the danger of mosquitoes.

Benefits of Window Blinds

If chosen correctly, window blinds are highly beneficial and can be an excellent alternative for other window-related problems.

01. Improved Privacy:  Blinds are a lot more flexible as you can rotate them at any angle and keep it closed when unused without disturbing your privacy.

02. Light Control: The light control option is enhanced in window blinds when compared to screens as you can tilt them in any direction to choose the amount of light you prefer in your room. According to the customer’s requirements, they can be closed or opened to provide more or less light into the space. In addition, it comes in different materials to enhance the lighting effect in your room.

03. Reasonable: Window blinds are much preferred due to their cost and easy-to-use design. They are made from high-quality materials promising longer life, making your money worth it.

04. Easy Maintenance: Maintaining these blinds is very simple as all the users need to do is wipe them with a wet cloth.

Types of Window Blinds

Wood Venetian Blinds

Wooden venetian blinds add an aesthetic appeal to the home with their modern design and come in eye-catchy shades. Many people prefer these blinds as they can complement any background. These blinds come with tapes and slats available in dimensions of 35 and 55 mm. Every slat is backed up with six layers of NC coating for improved anti-fungal properties.

Pleated Binds Motorized

Pleated blind motorized are best suited for commercial spaces, and the height can be adjusted according to the user’s requirement with a simple touch interface. It can be installed horizontally and vertically according to the user’s needs.

Roller Blinds

These electrical roller binds complement spaces like bedrooms and living rooms beautifully with their stylish look. These offer maximum ventilation and are available in three different materials- translucent, sunscreen, and sunblock. These are automated to control the amount of light you want to allow into the space.

Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds offer a pleasant experience by adding charm to any space, professional or persona. These blinds come in zebra design and keep the filters open during the day to supplement adequate light and capacity to automatically shut down during the night, considering the users’ privacy. These are simple to maintain and keep the home moisture-free.

Honey Comb Blinds

The best feature of this blind is the holes are invisible and the trendiest design among other blinds. The blind is energy efficient and holds light-controlling property at a minimal price.

PVC Blinds

PVC blinds prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating the space by keeping the room cool. These are easy to use, maintain, and reduce the dependency on air conditioners with their natural cooling capacity.

Best Manufacturer of Blinds

Spectra is an ISO-certified mosquito mesh manufacturing company with its first venture in Hyderabad, and we always strive for excellence by delivering quality products. We provide reliable screening solutions at uncompromised quality at unbelievable prices. Spectra is a reliable company for prompt delivery and maintenance services. Customer satisfaction is our motto, and we assist you beyond purchase by supporting any problem you encounter during practical usage.


1. What are the mosquito systems manufactured by Spectra blind?

Roller mosquito nets, Retractable door screens, pleated mosquito screens, Plisse screens, Zipper Retractable nets, Chain operated roller insect screens, sliding mosquito nets, wooden veteran blinds, roller blinds are some of the standard systems.

2. What are the three steps to connect with Spectra blind?

As an initial step, you need to schedule an appointment, proceed with the estimation phase, and get your desired blinds installed at the convenience of your home based on the budget and specifications.

3. How are the reviews about Spectra blinds?

Spectra blind products guarantee promised delivery and maintenance at affordable costs.