The summer heat peaks leading to mosquito activity peaking, it is a good time to review the best ways to prevent mosquito bites. Avoiding getting bitten by a mosquito is always a concern due to multiple mosquito born diseases like dengue fever, malaria. Now the mosquitoes carrying zika virus to more places have made a serious concern for mosquito prevention.

Water logging of both clean and dirty water helps in the breeding of mosquito. So, it’s our first concern to keep the pro waterlogged area clean.

Avoid going out after sunset and before dawn is preferable.

But most important prevention is at our home; by putting up the mosquito net is the best prevention of malaria, chikungunya and dengue.

Study on Mosquito behaviour

Mosquitos are in various kind of breed and they bite at a different time of the day. Their bite carries the infections, leading to many deadly diseases.

  • Malaria carrier mosquito bites in after sunset before sunrise mainly dusk and dawn time.
  • Mosquito which spread zika virus, dengue, and chikungunya tend to bite in the day time. They breed in clean area and water. For dengue mosquito, greenery area is their breeding ground.

Mosquito born diseases

  • Malaria
  • Dengue
  • Chikungunya
  • Zika virus

These are some of the life-threatening virus spreading across through mosquito. Mosquito prevention will keep you protected, from these virus infections. Wearing of the loose fitting full covered clothes avoids mosquito bite on your skin.

Staying inside home, protected with mosquito screens on the door and windows is the suggested advice. Some children and adults are allergic to mosquito repellent chemicals or odour of it. The safest way of mosquito prevention is the usage of mosquito screens. They are coming in various comfortable usage designs.


Mosquito net manufacturer’s industry has evolved for better mosquito prevention. Door and window with high-quality screening systems and blinds are available in the market. The design of the screen keeps mosquito and flies out but maintains the fresh airflow around the house. They are available in kits of mosquito screens, parts/accessories, aluminium profiles & other screening materials with easy installations.  As per the home or office, usage opt for the mosquito screens solutions.

The mosquito screening systems range includes Roller mosquito nets, Retractable Door Screens, Pleated mosquito screens, Plisse screens, Barrier Free, Sleek open able frames Zipper Retractable nets, Chain Operated Roller insect screens, Fly doors open able doors Sliding mosquito nets, Upvc Sliding Nets, Security Mosquito net doors. We are one of the best Mosquito Net Manufacturers in Hyderabad. Contact us Spectra Services for tension free instalment of mosquito screen at your home and work place.

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