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Many homeowners not only park cars in their garage, but it’s a place to store yard supplies, tools, sports-related items and a hobby place. In such scenarios, garage screen doors enhance the place’s ambiance and improve air and light flow.

Garage door screens are gaining ground these days as they are affordable and convenient in converting the space into a usable form. These screens are an ideal solution for homeowners and eliminate the nuisances outside. Here are a few Spectra Blinds garage door screens that make your garage look extraordinary.

Roller Garage Door Screens

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The roller garage door screen is a retractable one that benefits in many ways. The screen stays in the open position when not in use. The durable mesh material of the screen is advantageous as it resists tearing and bears everyday wear and tear.

The roller garage screen doors are an exceptional choice for homeowners for keeping the garage ventilated and protected from pests and insects. The best part of roller garage door screens is the easy installment, use and availability in various sizes.

The Retractable Garage Door Screen

The retractable garage door screen | Spectra Blinds

The retractable garage door screens are built by attaching the garage door header. These retractable garage doors can be manual or motorized and is an extra layer of protection and privacy for homes. The retractable garage doors prove useful for purposes such as recreational or workspace. These doors also block the view and keep you away from intruders. However, the above is a versatile, practical, permanent screen installation solution. Those looking to enhance the garage’s functionality or expand their living space must choose the retractable garage door screen.

A Sliding Garage Door Screen

The sliding garage door screen works on a siding track system that helps in the easy opening and closing of the screen. Customers enjoy private space without losing visibility by choosing a sliding garage door screen of unique style. You do not have to compromise nature’s fresh air and are assured of being free from bugs, rodents, snakes etc. These sliding garage door screens are available in various materials and come as manual or motorized.

5 Benefits of Installing Roller Doors Screens

There are innumerable benefits to enjoying the extra home space by installing roller door screens, as given below.

Improved ventilation and natural light: Roller door screens are a perfect choice for your garage as it permits natural light and enhances ventilation. Roller door screens prevent stuffiness and odours in the garage with good ventilation.

Energy Savings:

Multiple fans and portable ACs aren’t required with roller door screens in the garage. The increased ventilation reduces the need for various cooling systems in the garage area. With roller door screens, garages remain cool as hot air escapes and cool air circulates in the garage eliminating additional cooling systems. As natural light enters the garage, the need for artificial lighting is reduced, thus reducing energy consumption. As energy consumption is lowered, a carbon footprint is reduced, which adds to a more sustainable environment.

Increased Security:

Roller screen doors are an additional entry barrier, preventing intruders from breaking in. These doors are manufactured with durable material, making them difficult to penetrate or cut and acting as a strong defence against intruders. All roller screens permit the house owners to view the outside activity though they are inside. Monitoring any suspicious activity becomes easy with roller screen doors. Moreover, the latest roller door screens have many security features, such as motion sensors, alarms, and locks, for enhanced security.

Protection from Weather Elements:

Roller door screens prevent wind and rain from entering the garage but permit airflow. Hence the garage is dry without moisture damage. These doors filter UV rays which damage or fade the belongings. Moreover, roller door screens help in temperature regulation by maintaining warm in winter and cool in summer. Outdoor elements, debris, insects, and other disturbances are avoided with roller door screens.

Easy to Operate:

The roller door screens are user-friendly, convenient and easy to operate. The implementation of a simple mechanism helps in easy roll up and down. The latest models are automated with remote operation control, making operating the roller screen doors a cakewalk.

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Roller screen doors have become necessary in every home for numerous reasons. Our roller screen doors are installed by Spectra Blinds in Hyderabad to add style and security to your garage.

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