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Blinds act as protective layers to your windows in summer and winter. The scorching heat in summer would be unbearable and exhaust all your energy as harmful Uv rays can invade your space. Install window blinds to overcome this problem and keep your environment safe and bug-free during summer. The mosquito nets from Spectrablinds are made from premium fabric and ensure fresh air circulates around the home. A pro in the manufacturing of high-quality and durable mosquito nets for doors and windows. A great barrier in protecting your family from dangerous mosquitoes and insects that might be a threat to your immune health

There are different types of window blinds available in the market, curated for different purposes. Let us get an insight into the types and their unique features to provide better awareness before you buy one.

Wood Venetian Blinds

wooden venetian blinds | Spectra Blinds
wooden Venetian blinds | Spectra Blinds

Wooden blinds add an elegant touch to the home with their unique design and pleasant shades. These blinds can adorn the beauty of the whole space irrespective of the background decor chosen. With these blinds, you can choose from 35 or 55-millimetre slats and tapes. Every slat comprises six layers of NC coating for advanced bacterial protection.

Pleated Blinds Motorized

Pleated blinds motorized | Spectra Blinds
Pleated blinds motorized | Spectra Blinds

Pleated are best suited for commercial spaces and come with height adjustment benefits to meet the customer’s requirements. These blinds support two-way installation ie. horizontal and vertical, for improved usability.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blindws | Spectra Blinds

These electrical binds favour ulterior spaces like bedrooms and living rooms with their modern look. Translucent, sunscreen and sunblock materials are all available for these blinds to enhance air circulation. The users can customise these blinds and adjust the light settings to decide how much light they want to reflect in their space.

Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds | Spectra Blinds
Zebra Blinds | Spectra Blinds

Zebra blinds offer a friendly environment by adding charm to any space, whether commercial or personal. These blinds come in an eye-catchy zebra design and keep the filters open during the day for improved light supply light and have the inbuilt feature to turn off during the night, considering the users’ privacy. The blinds require zero maintenance and are cost-effective for budgeted customers.

Honey Comb Blinds

Honey Comb Blinds | Spectra Blinds
Honey Comb Blinds | Spectra Blinds

The best feature of this blind is the holes are completely sealed and intact outside, adding more cosiness to the look and feel for the users. The blind is energy efficient and possesses light-adjusting features at a reasonable rate.

PVC Blinds

PVC Blinds | Spectra Blinds
PVC Blinds | Spectra Blinds

PVC blinds are very powerful in stopping harmful UV rays from entering the space by maintaining the space at optimum temperature. These are easy to use, maintain, and reduce the need for on-air coolers with their built-in cooling feature.

Making the Right Choices for Your Window Blinds

Sleep is vital for humans to maintain good health in the long run. Choosing the right blinds is crucial for a peaceful sleep and making a one-time investment in your windows. Choose Window blinds from the Spectra store to conquer the mosquitoes and insects and kick them off your home. It is suggested to consider a few important factors before buying one.

1. Insulation

Window blinds come in different materials and coatings. Choose blinds with white insulated material to protect the windows from light-exposing areas.

2. Humidity Levels

If you reside in an area with maximum humidity, go for window blinds made from heat-resistant materials like faux or metal.

3. Window Size

An important factor to consider before choosing the blind because the window blind must be compatible with the window to serve its purpose.

4. Lighting Needs

Some people prefer dark spaces, while others prefer bright ones. Think how much light you would want to allow to travel through the blinds and choose a black-out-themed one or transparent one.

Installation and Maintenance

Professionally installing these blinds is crucial for their effective functioning. So, don’t hesitate to seek help from an experienced company like Spectrablinds that knows all the hacks to prolong the life span of these blinds. Also, service experts at Spectrablinds take care of end-to-end maintenance services by being available for any wear and tear associated and providing prompt assistance to restore it to normalcy. Maintenance involves deep cleaning of the blinds to remove any sedimented dust for enhanced fresh air circulation in your space.


A mosquito net is a much-needed addition to every home to keep the family safe and healthy. Get in touch with the Spectrablinds team to help us choose the desired window blinds for you based on your specifications. We are a reliable window mosquito nets and blinds manufacturer in Hyderabad, catering to the versatile needs of customers with superior quality and design. Experience an undisturbed sleep by choosing window meshes from Spectrablinds that filter the dust particles and supply only fresh air within the space.